How do I install and configure TRANSFLO NOW! on my Windows® 7 computer?

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To Install, configure, and use TRANSFLO NOW on your Windows 7 machine, do the following:

  1. Click TRANSFLO NOW Setup to download TRANSFLO Now to your computer.
  2. The File Download window opens. You can click Run or Save. Some security programs can block installations that are being run directly from the Internet so you may want to save the file and execute it after the download is complete.

    File Download window

  3. Run the Setup file. The Security Warning window opens. Click Run.

    Security Warning window

  4. The setup wizard opens. Click Next to begin the install.

    Setup Welcome window

  5. The License Agreement window opens. Read the license agreement, click the I accept the agreement radio button, and click Next.

    License Ageement window

  6. The Select Destination Location window opens. In most cases the default path in the box is correct. Click Next to continue.

    Select Destination Location

  7. To create a desktop icon for your TRANSFLO NOW installation, ensure the Create a desktop icon check box is selected. Click Next to continue.

    Create Desktop Icon

  8. The Ready to Install window opens. Click Install to begin copying and installing files on your computer.

    Ready to Install

  9. The Windows Security Alert will open if you have your Windows 7 firewall enabled. Click Unblock.

    Windows Firewall Alert

    Warning: You must allow (unblock) the TRANSFLO® Notifier service or TRANSFLO Now will fail to function.

  10. Click Finish to complete the installation.

    Finish Installation window

  11. The TRANSFLO NOW User Registration window opens. You must register TRANSFLO NOW before you can scan. Make sure you have a stable connection to the Internet before you proceed with registration.

    User Registration window

    Completely fill in all the required fields in the User Registration window:

    • Fleet ID:  You must enter a valid fleet ID. If you do not have a fleet ID, contact the company you drive for to get this information. They must be a TRANSFLO NOW customer to use this service.

    • First and Last Name: Enter your full name in these fields. These are required fields.

    • Phone Number: This is used for support purposes only. If there is something wrong with your account or a problem with your batches support may need to contact you to assist in resolving these issues.

    • Email Address:  You must enter a valid email address. An activation email will be sent to this email address. If this address is incorrect you will not receive the activation email and the account will not be enabled. 

      Tip:  Enter the email address in all lower case letters. This is how the account is saved on our server. If for any reason you need to reinstall or reregister the account you should always use the same case email address.

    • User Type:  This has no affect on your account. This is used for statistical purposes only.

    • Click the Submit button to send your registration information.
  12. If your registration is successful you will receive the following prompt. Click Ok.

    Successful Registration Alert

    Note: If you entered the information when your Internet connection was offline, the information you entered will be saved and the validation of the Fleet will go into a Pending Validation status. Once you have re-established a stable connection to the internet open TRANSFLO NOW. You will be prompted to re-submit the saved registration information.

    Registration with Pending Fleet

  13. Check your email Inbox for the activation link email, and click the link in the email.

    Activation Email

  14. An indication that the registration was successful is displayed.

    Successfull Activation Notification

    Note: If you have not seen the activation email in a normal period of time, check the Junk mailbox to see if your email account is moving this email to your Junk Mail folder. If you do not find the email, open the application and confirm the email address entered on the Registration window is correct. If it is correct, click the Submit button again. If it is not correct, retype the email address in both fields, and click the Submit button while you are online.

  15. If you don’t have a scanner installed on your system you should install it now.

    Note: TRANSFLO NOW will only work with a TWAIN compatible scanner.

  16. Open TRANSFLO NOW to configure your scanner. Click the F1 - Setup & Administration button, or press the F1 function key on your keyboard.

    Click Setup and Administration

  17. Click the [F6] - Select Scanner button, or press the F6 function key on your keyboard.

    Click Select Scanner

  18. The Scanner Configuration window opens. Pick your scanner from the Select a Scanner to Configure drop down menu and click OK to accept the change.

    Scanner Configuration window

    NOTE: You must install the scanner correctly through Windows for the scanner to be displayed in this drop down. See the manufacturer's installation instructions.

  19. Click Yes in the Confirmation message box to save the change.

    Scanner Selection Confirmation

  20. Your are ready to scan your Documents. Click the [F1] - Scan/Add Documents button, or type the F1 function key on your keyboard.

    Main Menu buttons

  21. Place your Documents in your Scanner. Be sure to remove any staples or paper clips.
  22. When prompted, click the [F1] - Start Scanning button, or type the F1 function key on your keyboard.

    Start Scanning

  23. You are now given four options that you can perform to complete scanning your Documents.
    1. [F1] - Finish Adding Documents - All pages have been scanned and appear readable.
    2. [F8] - Add Additional Documents - More documents need to be scanned. (Repeat the steps above until all pages have been scanned)
    3. [F9] - Delete Current Page – Deletes the last page you scanned (current page in the main viewer).
    4. [F5] - Delete All Pages - Delete the scan and start over if the scan is unreadable. (You can do this at any point from here on, until you submit your Documents.)

    Click the corresponding button, or press the indicated function key on your keyboard.

    Finish Scanning window

  24. Once you have selected [F1] - Finish Adding Documents, select your Fleet ID from the Fleet: drop down menu. Click Next.

    Fleet Selection window

    Note: If your Carrier requires you to provide index information you will see boxes where you can enter the index values.

  25. The Categorize Documents window opens.

    Categorize Documents Window

    • (Optional) Use the [Page Up] View Previous (or the Page Up key on you keyboard) and [Page Down] View Next (or the Page Down key on you keyboard) review all of the Documents before accepting and submitting them.
    • (Optional) You may also review the Documents using the thumbnails in the Image Preview pane on the right side of the viewing pane.
    • (Optional) Delete the Document in the main viewer by clicking the [F9] - Delete Current Page button, or pressing the F9 key on your keyboard.
    • (Optional) Cancel your scan and start over by clicking the [F5] - Delete All Pages button, or pressing the F5 key on your keyboard.
    • Click [F1] - Accept Document (or press the F1 key on your keyboard) for each Document you scanned.

    Note: If your Carrier requires you to provide Document Types you will see a drop down where you can select the Document Type for each Document. Document Types for Accepted Documents will display under the thumbnails in the Image Preview pane.

  26. Once you have accepted all your Documents click the [F1] - Submit Documents button, or press the F1 key on your keyboard.

    Submit Documents window

  27. If your Documents were successfully transmitted, a popup message will open in the lower right corner of your screen. It will contain the Confirmation Number for the set of Documents you submitted, and a link to you can click to view this set of Documents on the TRANSFLO Express® website. 

    Successful Transmission Popup

  28. To view the Documents you submitted, Click the [F4] - View Previously Submitted Documents button, or type the F4 function key on your keyboard.

    Click View History

  29. The Previously Submitted Documents window opens. The status will show "Pending" until it is successfully transmitted. During this time, the confirmation number field will be blank for that row. To view the images, click on the row containing the Documents you wish to view, and click the View Documents button.  When the set of Documents has been successfully transmitted, the status will change from "Pending to Transmitted", and the Confirmation Number will appear. To view transmitted Documents in the TRANSFLO Express Confirmation Viewer website, click the View on Web... button.

    View Previously Submitted Documents

This completes the installation and configuration of TRANSFLO NOW.


Reference Number TFN000210