What scanners are compatible with TRANSFLO NOW!?

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Your choice of scanner you use with TRANSFLO NOW is important for the success of transmitting your Documents.

The following is a list of things you should consider before purchasing a scanner for TRANSFLO NOW:

  • Make sure the scanner you choose is compatible with your operating system. Some scanners do not support 64 bit operating systems.
  • TRANSFLO NOW will only use TWAIN or WIA scanner drivers. We do not support ISIS drivers.
  • Before you install the software that came with your scanner go to the manufacture's web page and verify that you have the most recent version. Manufacturers that have issues with bundled software may post new releases on their support web page.
  • You may not need to install the entire software package that came with your scanner. If they offer an option to just install the drivers that may be a better choice and will use less hard drive space.
  • Don’t buy an All-In-One scanner / fax / printer unless you have a need for the additional features. The added complexity of these units can cause problems that can be avoided if not required. Typically these units are cheaper than your average dedicated scanner, and therefore the quality and support can be compromised.

The scanners that are certified and supported by Pegasus TransTech for TRANSFLO NOW are:

  1. PlusTek MobileOffice S420
  2. HP4315 All in One Scanner
  3. DocketPort 467 Scanner
  4. Canon P-150 Scanner


Reference Number TFN000100